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Financial Support: The Kasi Mnotho Fund provides financial assistance in the form of loans to eligible businesses. This support can be used to purchase trading stock, equipment, machinery, and working capital, helping businesses grow and expand their operations.

Business Training and Development: Apart from financial aid, the fund offers pre-investment skills training to entrepreneurs. This training equips them with essential business skills, knowledge, and strategies to run their enterprises successfully.

Rehabilitation Program: For businesses that do not initially qualify for funding, the fund offers a dedicated rehabilitation program. This program aims to refine and enhance business operations, guiding entrepreneurs toward compliance and sustainability. Expert guidance and support are provided to nurture these businesses, ensuring their long-term success.


About us

The Kasi Mnotho Fund is a transformative initiative crafted by Family Tree Holdings in partnership with the Gauteng Provincial Government, Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP), Absa Group Limited and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). Rooted in the Township Economy Development Act, this program is dedicated to fortifying and enhancing township economies.  Through strategic skills development, infrastructural support, and empowering business associations, we are nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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"Family Tree Holdings has been an integral part of our community, making tangible strides in promoting local businesses and economic empowerment. Their commitment to the upcoming Kasi Mnotho Program reflects their genuine dedication to fostering entrepreneurship. I've witnessed firsthand the positive impact they've had on businesses, providing valuable resources and mentorship. The Kasi Mnotho Program embodies their passion for community development, and I eagerly anticipate the doors it will open for aspiring entrepreneurs like myself."

Zanele Ngubane



Let’s Work Together

26 Tecoma Place, Country View Midrand, Johannesburg  2196


Tel: 0800123475

WhatsApp line: 083 413 7400

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